Fast Shipping Solutions

Shipping, The Last Mile To Boost Your Success

As the last few miles to the market, shipping could be decisive to ruin or boost your business.

Picking & Packing

Test orders are processed in advance to ensure that all systems are fully integrated and operational. Upon receiving an order, we pick products and components from the assigned location and offer to fit products of SKUs and pack them into one package in your preferred style.


identifies and addresses on-hand quality issues before shipping at our fulfillment center in China, thus to decrease chargeback rates.

Shipment Management

Orders received by 15:00 CST are guaranteed to be processed on the same day. Utilizing shipping technology, we select and suggest the best cost-effective shipping method as well as service provider for you, or you can choose it by yourself. And for your convenience, you would have 24/7 access to our dashboard to manage the international logistics.

Your one- stop order fulfillment solution is here—to stock, to pick& pack and to ship globally. shippingyiwu is committed to making your business easier. Follow up the value-added service if you need more help.

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